Our Vision

A society accessing quality legal assistance and free from all kinds of human rights abuses

Our Mission

To build and strengthen a sustainable, transparent, accountable and democratic society free from Human Rights abuse while spearheading access to justice through human rights based legal aid, advocacy, implementation and partnership at all levels

Our values

At ARF, we understand and believe that strong local partnerships are crucial to achieving our set goals, mission and vision and that our laid strategies can take us to greater heights. To this end, our values are therefore;
• Equity and justice
• Transparency
• Inclusivity
• Professional excellence
• Upholding the rule of law, access to justice, democracy and good governance

ARF Goals

• To make legal aid accessible
• To promote access to justice
• Contribute to the practice of law for the benefit of the people of Uganda in pursuit of achieving good governance
• To promote sustainable organizational and capacity building development


• To provide legal aid services to the vulnerable groups of persons
• To empower communities to demand for their human rights
• To contribute to the justice system and the rule of law in Uganda
• To combat impunity and strengthening accountability, rule of law and democratic institutions`
• To advocate for human rights, law reform , better policies and practices.