About Us

Ashah Razyn Foundation (ARF) is a Non Governmental Organization that was established to promote quality legal assistance to indigent and vulnerable people as well as advocate for the human rights of minorities. ARF seeks to make public justice systems work for victims of abuse and oppression who urgently need to benefit from the rule of law. We fight for the restoration and non-abuse of human rights ranging from Civic rights, political, socio- economic rights. We work towards citizens benefiting from states obligations to fulfill, to respect and to protect its citizens towards enjoying their human rights. ARF also works to transform the socio-economic conditions of rural communities in Uganda. Currently, our programs are designed to be sustainable so as to achieve the development impact. It’s a membership organisation with a purpose of promoting human rights, Access to justice and rule of law in.
Virtually, the founder aimed at creating a unified voice to challenge the marginalized people in the selected areas of operation, embark on a systematic and long drawn out struggle to gradually unleash their enormous productive potential from bondage that reduced them to sub – humans and instead be active participants even at international level in regard to respecting their human rights, access to justice and achieving sustainable development while improving their livelihoods.

Services offered at the foundation

In our activities, we
• Legal representation
• Promote rights of vulnerable communities through provision of quality Human Rights based legal Aid and pro-bono
• Conduct alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) sessions
• Sensitize masses about their legal rights
• Advocacy, implementation and community outreach
• Research at all levels
• Referrals

ARF Goal

• To make legal aid accessible
• To promote access to justice
• Contribute to the practice of law for the benefit of the people of Uganda in pursuit of achieving good governance
• To promote sustainable organizational and capacity building development

Our Vision

A society accessing quality legal assistance and free from all kinds of human rights abuses

Our Mission

To build and strengthen a sustainable, transparent, accountable and democratic society free from Human Rights abuse while spearheading access to justice through human rights based legal aid, advocacy, implementation and partnership at all levels

Our values

At ARF, we understand and believe that strong local partnerships are crucial to achieving our set goals, mission and vision and that our laid strategies can take us to greater heights. To this end, our values are therefore;
• Equity and justice
• Transparency
• Inclusivity
• Professional excellence
• Upholding the rule of law, access to justice, democracy and good governance