Our programs

Our programs are designed to be sustainable so as to achieve the development impact. We analyze and evaluate our programs as they progress in a bid of maximizing results.
Ashah Razyn Foundation has a number of themes which are realized under four core departments namely:

1. Policy advocacy and Analysis

ARF believes that the advocacy effort is able to highlight the contribution that the grassroots innovations can make in this regard apart from making changes in the Policies but also make them more responsive to societal aspirations developing Uganda. We therefore use Advocacy to influence policies, laws affecting Human rights, good governance while spearheading sustainable development. The Policy and Advocacy Department spearheads all the advocacy activities of the organisation

2. Socio-Economic Rights

A number of rights are envisaged here in. However for ARF to achieve its goals, we have specialized in labour, Health and land rights

3. Transitional and Social Justice.

This department holds our legal aid services as well as pro-bono services that we accord to the indigent and marginalized groups in a bid to pursuing justice for all. Under this department, we also create awareness on human rights through dialogues and community outreaches.

4. Women- Youth Empowerment (WYE)

Whereas Uganda’s economy has shown steady growth for the past 10 years, this has not been reflected in the standards of living of the rural poor especially women and youth whose incomes on the contrary have continued to decline. ARF therefore, through WYE department mobilises solidarity groups, train them and encourage them in issues pertaining their development, legal rights and demanding for accountability. This department empowers women and the Youth economically and socially to improve incomes and standards of living.


This is yet another program under ARF core thematic areas of operation. ARF believes that in order for a person to be able to live a decent and dignified life, the right to health must be satisfied. Sexual and reproductive health is related to multiple human rights, including the right to life, the right to be free from torture, the right to health, the right to privacy, the right to education, and the prohibition of discrimination. This means that States have obligations to respect, protect and fulfill rights related to women’s sexual and reproductive health. Despite these obligations, violations of sexual and reproductive health rights are frequent and hence remain to be a common health problem in Uganda, where pregnancy, unsafe abortions, childbirth or harmful customs, such as female genital mutilation, can endanger the lives of women. ARF therefore employs various strategies to achieve the realisation of SRHR in Uganda as;

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The Environmental Rights Programme is another programme at Ashah Razyn Foundation. The program focuses on matters concerning the environmental rights of marginalised people in Uganda. The programme, based at ARF’s Kampala office, complements existing environmental organisations and draws on their extensive experience and expertise while providing professional litigation and advocacy services. Earth Juris Prudence is another component of environmental rights and justice where as ARF, we advocate for rethinking of the law to be based on un written law, peoples norms and values.

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